Dunava is going to Bulgaria!

It's going to happen! For the first time since our inception, Dunava will travel to the Balkans to study with singers and professional ensembles. What an opportunity to go straight to the source of the music we love, absorb the culture, and share our love for Bulgarian songs throughout the country. We can't wait!


To help us pay for this musical adventure, we need everyone's help. Your tax-deductable donation will help us pay for workshops, lessons, and private performances with professional musicians throughout the country. 


What's in it for you?

  • $50: Invitation to an exclusive "back from Bulgaria" party/concert, where we'll show you pictures, sing songs, and tell stories of our trip. 
  • $100: Same as $50, and we'll sing you a personalized song on your birthday
  • $250: Same as $100, and four front-row tickets to our Seattle Town Hall concert in November 2014
  • $500: Same as $250, and a two-hour Balkan singing workshop for ten people
  • $750: Same as $250, and a private house concert


Anyone who donates will get a postcard or souvenir from Bulgaria!



April 19: A Cappella Cafe

7:30 p.m.

Om Culture

2210 N. Pacific St., Seattle

Tickets: $10 at the door


We're proud to participate in the first-ever A Cappella Cafe concert, sponsored by Seattle Harmony. Come and enjoy an eclectic variety of a cappella singing, including folk, barbershop, Georgian, Balkan (us!), and a fun pub song sing-along. 


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