Thank you for an amazing year!

2014 was unforgettable for us. 

  • We traveled to Bulgaria!
  • To perform at a festival there...
  • ...and on national TV and radio...
  • ... and study with many amazing singers and choirs
  • ... and then we took it home and put on our biggest concert ever, at Seattle's Town Hall!

This would not have happened without generous grants from the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation, 4culture, and countless donors and fans across the world who helped us meet our goals and dreams. Thank you!! 

2015 marks our tenth year in existence as a choir. We are still contemplating how to duly celebrate this event. To make sure you'll be in the know about what we're planning, please check out our calendar, subscribe to our mailing list (on the left), and like us on Facebook

Happy New Year from Dunava

Dunava and Varimezovi in Sredets, Bulgaria
Dunava and Varimezovi in Sredets, Bulgaria

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