Dunava is a Seattle-based women's vocal ensemble specializing in the a cappella folk music of Eastern Europe. Founded in 2005, Dunava is made up of singers from diverse musical backgrounds who all share a passion for complex and beautiful harmonies, and for learning about and performing these musical traditions authentically. 


Dunava is affiliated with the Radost Folk Ensemble, and has performed at Northwest Folklife FestivalCroatia Fest, the Seattle Folklore Society concert series, the Seattle Art Museum, and at Seattle Town Hall. In 2014 Dunava was the first American group to participate in the international Silver Buckle folk festival in Kjustendil, Bulgaria. Dunava has released two CDs, Dunava (2009) and Bulgaria (2013), and is currently recording another album. 



What our fans say: 


"Pure vocal splendor! Power and nuance, both. Just amazing."

"Dina and the ladies' impeccable harmonies, pitch, and timing are sheer joy!"

"A wonderful group of voices, gorgeous harmonies, skillful blending, excellent choice of repertoire, good uses of solos and trios, just a terrific concert. Thank you so much for your investment in keeping this music alive and bringing it to all of us."

"I am a big fan, lots of love from Serbia! Keep up the good work, ladies!"



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