Vocal Magic from Eastern Europe

our latest CD: behind the veil

We released a CD in 2021!


"Behind the Veil" features songs from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, and Serbia. The songs span a vast array of musical arrangements and traditional styles -- and many touch on the theme of courtship and weddings. 


How to get a copy:

The CD is available for purchase and download on Bandcamp

What our fans say: 


"Pure vocal splendor! Power and nuance, both. Just amazing."

- Dennis N, Seattle

"Dina and the ladies' impeccable harmonies, pitch, and timing are sheer joy!"

- Curt C, Portland

"A wonderful group of voices, gorgeous harmonies, skillful blending, excellent choice of repertoire, good uses of solos and trios, just a terrific concert. Thank you so much for your investment in keeping this music alive and bringing it to all of us."

- Rachel B, Portland

"I am a big fan, lots of love from Serbia! Keep up the good work, ladies!"

- Sanja, online



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