Vocal Magic from Eastern Europe

It's been a long pandemic -- but we are still singing, and are planning on some concerts. Check out our Schedule to find out more!

Our hearts and thoughts are with Ukraine and its people around the world.  May peace prevail as soon as possible; may all people come home. 

our newest CD: behind the veil

We released a CD in 2021!


"Behind the Veil" features songs from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, and Serbia. The songs span a vast array of musical arrangements and traditional styles -- and many touch on the theme of courtship and weddings. 


How to get a copy:

The CD is available for purchase and download on Bandcamp


What our fans say: 


"Pure vocal splendor! Power and nuance, both. Just amazing."

- Dennis N, Seattle

"Dina and the ladies' impeccable harmonies, pitch, and timing are sheer joy!"

- Curt C, Portland

"A wonderful group of voices, gorgeous harmonies, skillful blending, excellent choice of repertoire, good uses of solos and trios, just a terrific concert. Thank you so much for your investment in keeping this music alive and bringing it to all of us."

- Rachel B, Portland

"I am a big fan, lots of love from Serbia! Keep up the good work, ladies!"

- Sanja, online



Check the schedule for events!