Singing with Dunava

We don't have any openings for singers at this time. But here is some general information for when we do!


Who we're looking for

Previous and recent choral singing experience in any genre is highly recommended.  All Dunava singers pass a two-part audition process in which they demonstrate the following:

  • Wide vocal range, including head and chest voice
  • Ability to sing in tune, and in straight and odd meters
  • Ability to carry a part independently and blend in with other singers

Please contact Dina at dinatrageser(at) for an audition slot. In your message, please mention your previous singing and choral experience, as well as any musical training.

Common questions

What are Balkan folk songs like?
Thats too big of a question to answer quickly. If youve never heard the Bulgarian womens choirs, Croatian Klapa, Greek polyphonic songs, Albanian wedding music — well, we encourage you to find all those things on YouTube. A good place to start is our YouTube channel, so you can get an idea of what we do!
When and where do you rehearse?
Our regular rehearsals are Wednesday evenings between 7 and 9:30 p.m., usually in the living room of one of our members in the Puget Sound area. 
Do you memorize all your songs?
Yes, we strive to have all songs memorized when we perform. But we realize it can be challenging and takes time, so we usually allow for plenty of memorization time before concerts. 
Will I perform right away?
Yes and no. Usually there is a “ramp up” period, where you will learn the repertoire. If there are performances in that time, you would only perform the songs that you have fully prepared. Depending on your dedication and energy, that could be a couple songs — or everything. 
How often do you perform?
It varies. Spring and Fall tend to be busier for us, but on average well have one gig a month. Well do full concerts once or twice a year, and shorter sets at festivals or smaller venues. We also hold workshops about once a year, and do showcases at local libraries. 
What is the audition process? 
First you meet with Dina, the director. She'll check your range, do some vocal exercises with you, and teach you a song or two. If all goes well, you'll then come to a rehearsal with the full choir to sing those songs together. 
What should I sing for my audition?
Any song you like — it doesn’t have to be Balkan. We want to hear your tone, range, and general technique. Sing something you love, in any genre!
How old do I have to be?
We’ve never had anyone younger than 22, but would take anyone with a driver’s license, a flexible schedule, and the willingness and ability to commit to all rehearsals and gigs. 

Any other questions? 
Contact Dina at dinatrageser(at)
We look forward to hearing you!
Balkanalia 2012
Balkanalia 2012