Dunava's upcoming appearances

We can't perform live -- but we can have an online party!


Join us on April 18, 2021 at Noon Pacific Time to celebrate the release of our new CD


Behind the Veil


"Behind the Veil" is a compilation of folkloric songs from Eastern Europe, centered around the theme of traditional weddings. The CD release concert-party will be public on YouTube and Facebook, but if you register here, you'll get some extra information:

  • The Zoom link, so you can chat with Dunava singers during the event (no worries, we won't make you appear live on YouTube)
  • Ingredients for making snacks and drinks for the party
  • Song lyrics to sing along with us
  • And a calendar / email reminder that this is happening. You can still watch on YouTube or Facebook if you prefer.

Registration is free! CD ordering and download information will be shared during the event.


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